If you're here, you probably already know that "Shave and a Haircut" is a CG Hair package famous for its sculpting and dynamics tools, but you may be aware that it is also a highly advanced render...

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Easy to Use ..
The above image is a normal Attribute Editor Presets window with some of the presets we include. These swatches get rendered for you whenever you save a preset.

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So Real..

Not Just for Hair and Grass
You can actually replace hairs with any geometry you can model.

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Integrates with Maya's render and 2D post effects
Shave's render, built into a volumetric plug-in, obviously integrates tightly with Maya's own. Unlike Maya Fur, it even supports objects with transparency Additionally, it integrates with Maya 2D post process effects like depth of field.

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Ray Trace Effects with the Maya render. Shave ships with it's own ray tracer in a volumetric shader. You can use it for secondary hair reflections.


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