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Shave and a Haircut 9.5 released for 2016, 2016.5 and 2017

Shave and a Haircut 9.5 released for 2016, 2016.5 and 2017.

This is not a feature release, but an update for newer builds of Maya. If you are on subscription, just download and install. If you have permanent licenses, however, you should subscribe (updates are free under subscription)

If you really need permanent version contact us, and we'll set up an invoice, there's no longer a discounted upgrade path for permanent licenses, however version releases, ie 9.5v1 9.5v2, etc - are bug fix upagrades and are free, just download the latest no need to update licenses.

If you've got an earlier version than 9, a permanent licenses on major version releases are now a new purchase.

NOTE: we've moved to RLM12, so you'll need to re-install your floating license server from our downloads page if you've got a floating license.

You can make your purchase from here:

Note: No VM and perpetual license for Render farm. No VM on perpetual license.

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