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Shave and a Haircut 9.6

Licenses are issued via email (no physical shipments)
You need a physical server machine by default, vm available in some cases
No cloud or 3rd party farm rendering service deployment without written permission (see EULA in docs)

After you've ordered - go here to set up licensing.




Shave9.6 Node Locked License

(generally for a laptop that needs to
operate off-network)

Shave9.6 Floating Licenses (floating)


(licenses can travel where needed on your

local network)



- We now support VMs for floating licenses and cloud rendering, however there is a vetting process and is reserved for select customers,  contact us at  ( VM is available only for rental floating license and not for perpetual license ) 


Q. What about sales tax?

A. Shave and a Haircut is only available as an electronic download, which does not carry with it any sales taxes in the US.

However if you are ordering from another country, you should check with your local regulations and comply as needed.
However, we only have a US tax ID

Q. What happened to resellers?

A. We no longer provide reseller discounts, so there is no section anymore. There are still many reasons you might want to work with resellers, ie - they provide a value added service, or local tax conformation, however discounting our prices for them more often than not ends up with us bidding against our own discounts.

Q. What happened to rendernodes and workstations?

A. Shave now has a single key, which will run on either - this makes licenses easier to order, and simpler to administrate

Q. What happened to rental licenses?
We've discontinued that, as they're too much trouble to administrate for a small company

Q. What do upgrades cost?
We do not charge for fix versions ie Shave 9.6v3 to 9.6v4, however you will generally need a new key for minor/major versions

as there are new features which accompany them. Generally, the Major version is a feature upgrade, and the minor version is a platform

support upgrade (new versions of maya/vray/etc). Rather than charge a discounted rate for upgrades and administer that, we just made it cheaper overall.

Q. Is there any education offer ?

A. Yes, we have educational offer for studeents and universities . Please contact for more details.

Q. Can we use shave on VM now ?

A. Yes, you can use shave on VM. Please contact for more details, there is a vetting process

Q. I've purchased a key, what next?

A. Shave now comes with a 14 day demo key installed. You can key it at any time, see the License Setup link above

If you still have any question please feel free to get in touch with us at


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