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We love to support students and schools. All students and school get 50% off on list price, however they are only for 1 year.

Shave and a Haircut 9.6

Licenses are issued via email (no physical shipments)
You need a physical server machine by default, vm available in some cases
No cloud or 3rd party farm rendering service deployment without written permission (see EULA in docs)

After you've ordered - go here to set up licensing.



1 Yr Edu

Shave9.6 Node Locked License


(these are generally for your laptop

or some machine that has to operate off

network on occassion)

Shave9.6 Floating Licenses


(licenses will travel where needed on your

local network)




- All Rental User receives free upgrades to all new version. No extra fees will be charged .

- We now support VMs for floating licenses and cloud rendering, however there is a vetting process and is reserved for select customers,  contact us at  ( VM is available only for rental floating license and not for perpetual license ) 

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