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We love to support students and school. All students and school get 50% off on list price. For Student license you must send in a valid student ID jpg with your license request

Shave and a Haircut 9.6

Licenses are issued via email (no physical shipments)
You need a physical server machine by default, vm available in some cases
No cloud or 3rd party farm rendering service deployment without written permission (see EULA in docs)

After you've ordered - go here to set up licensing.



No upgrades

Shave9.6 NodeLock License


Shave9.6 Floating License

External renderer Vray/Arnold/etc requires RenderNode license.





- All Rental User receives free upgrades to all new version. No extra fees will be charged .

- We now support VMs for floating licenses and cloud rendering, however there is a vetting process and is reserved for select customers,  contact us at  ( VM is available only for rental floating license and not for perpetual license ) 

Q. Why is pricing structure changing to Rental ?

A. Rental structure allow us to keep sharing newer devlopment to our customer without binding it to next release. This make sure that every new maya version is made available sooner . This also help freelancer and small scale shops to scale when in need.


Q. I have permanent license of earlier shave version, how will I make transition to new rental pricing ?

A. You just need to purchase any suitable rental option to make transition. Your old Shave 8 license is always for you to keep.


Q. Why there is no quaterly or half yearly plan ?

A.  You can choose Auto Renew and cancel it when you want to stop.


Q. Will I be able to use older version with new rental license also ?

A. Yes, You can always donwload the older version available and start using. Be sure files created in current version will not work in older/downgraded version.


Q. Is there any education offer ?

A. Yes, we have educational offer for studeents and universities . Please contact for more details.


Q. Can we use shave on VM now ?

A. Yes, you can use shave on VM. Please contact for more details.


Q. Since priing structure has changed now and include 1 month rental , will I get temp license for test or do I have to purchase it.

A. We always want our customers to be satisfied before purchase. We still provide 30 days no restriction temp license for test.


Q. How will I come to know when my license is getting expired. 

A.  License expiry date is mentioned inside license "LICENSE joealter shave_interactive 9.0 30-jan-2016 uncounted".

Anytime you get license error on starting maya you need to open your license with any text editor and check it. 


Q. What is AutoRenew Column ?

A. AutoRenew help you to automatically renew you license type. All AutoRenew customers get extended license so they get some overlapping time before their 1st subscription cycle expire. In short it helps you to subscribe (monthly/yearly) to selected item and get renew automatically .


If you still have any question please feel free to get in touch with us at

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